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Architectural Engineer  Real Life Activities

Real-Life Decision Making

You're an architectural engineer working as an independent contractor. You specialize in environmentally friendly buildings and you're eager to make a difference with your work. Projects have been pretty steady, but you're still paying off the student loans and trying to make ends meet.

One of your clients is offering a very high-paying job that you know you can handle. However, the project isn't very concerned with the environmental impact of the building. This is the area you'd like to focus on, so the project would be a departure from the work you're interested in.

The other client is offering a job that pays less. It's also more challenging, because it's a project based on environmentally friendly and sustainable building options. It's the kind of work you're planning to specialize in and you think you could do an outstanding job.

Both are big projects, so you can only take on one of them. You have to decide between them.

You've tried talking to the person offering the higher-paying job to see if you could implement some eco-friendly ideas into the plan. But they refuse, saying it's cheaper not to. You want to focus more on your specialty, but you also want to pay off those bills.

You also need to keep in mind your reputation and how these decisions could affect your career and future job opportunities. What will you do?