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dotMusic producers have a stake in the legal battles over online music because they are instrumental in getting the music out.

"A producer sees the overall picture and directs the process from start to finish," says Karen Kane, a music producer. When the recording is successfully released and sold, they have a share in the profits. Without the producer, the end product appears unpolished and incomplete.

dotMost producers spend some time in related fields -- music editing, composing, arranging or engineering.

dotWhen people say music is in the air, they're not kidding. Today, recorded music is all around us. Sure, there are the obvious sources of music in your local record store, but music producers work in many more fields than that.

Every television show, from a soap opera to a sitcom, has music. Every film has a musical score. Music is even making its way into the world of CD-ROMs, where some games have their own background score. In each case, a producer is needed.

"It's a tough business," says Kane. "And for me, it's been a bit tougher being female."

dotBeing a music producer is not physically demanding and you can still do this if you are in a wheelchair. You'll need a good ear, though. An appreciation of music and good organizational and management skills will come in very handy.

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Record music for audio and video productions

  • The Internet could change the way producers do their job
  • You might also do some composing or arranging
  • You need a strong music and technical background