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dotGraphology is the study of handwriting. Through analysis, graphologists can learn a great deal about a writer. Graphologists can determine personality traits by examining the way a person forms each letter.

The results can be helpful in putting together a personal profile. These profiles are used in a variety of settings. They can help in criminal investigations or in jury selection. They can also help businesses find out a bit more about potential employees.

Graphologists can also analyze signatures for personal use, and even examine famous people's handwriting for clues about their personal lives.

dotOur handwriting is as unique as our fingerprints. The ability to write is controlled in the same area of the brain as personality, so it can tell a lot about us. Graphotherapy, a branch of graphology, actually trains people to change their handwriting in order to help with personality problems.

dotGraphologists are also known as handwriting analysts. Graphologists who have taken a certification course with the International Graphoanalysis Society are called graphoanalysts. Documentation experts are in a closely related field, specializing in analyzing papers that might be fake or fraudulent.

dotGraphologists can work in a variety of settings. They may work in police and detective agencies or in the human resources departments of large companies. However, many are self-employed.

Handwriting analysts also do their work over the Internet and by mail. Graphologists only require handwriting samples -- they don't need to see a client in person.

Since many graphologists are self-employed, they can set their own hours of work. Some choose to do this part time or as a hobby.

dotHandwriting analysis takes a keen eye and an ability to focus on details. It also takes good interpretive skills.

dotThis is something that a physically challenged person would be able to do in most circumstances, although the job could require travel. "This is really an ideal job for the physically challenged," says Grace Bly, a graphoanalyst.

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Profile people by analyzing their handwriting

  • Graphologists can work for police agencies or in human resources departments, but most are self-employed
  • You need good interpretive skills
  • Check with the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation before choosing a training program