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dotComing up with a winning horse takes good care, training, nutrition and more than anything else, careful breeding. Pedigree analysts search into a mare's and stallion's genetic background as far back as seven generations to try and produce a superior foal.

By researching pedigree charts and breeding patterns, pedigree analysts hope to come up with winners at the track for their clients. Pedigree charts, which trace a horse's ancestors, can help determine the type of foal that will be produced.

dotAnalysts' services usually include selecting and purchasing brood mares at public auctions and private sales. They then plan matings with selected stallions for these client mares.

dotPedigree analysis is often time-consuming. Analysts will look over up to 128 ancestral horses, determine what traits have been passed through the bloodlines and which could be enhanced by a planned mating. Many theories about how to pick these patterns and how to crossbreed have been developed over the years.

Pedigree analysts also work with dogs and other show animals, trying to select the most desired qualities in animals that will be judged.

dotPedigree analysts are often hired by breeders and horse owners. This work can also be done by breeders hoping to sell their horses. Their work can take them in the office where they do research, in the field to examine horses and watch performances and to breeding stables. "I do most of my work at home," says Les Brinsfield. He is a pedigree analyst in Lexington, Kentucky.

Those who are private consultants can choose their own hours. "I mostly work late into the night," says Brinsfield.

dotTravel is often an important part of doing pedigree analysis. However, with the Internet, much of the communication can be done from home.

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Search animals' genetic backgrounds to breed desired traits

  • This work involves researching pedigree charts and breeding patterns
  • Those who are private consultants can choose their own hours
  • Studying animal science is a good start