House and Structural Mover  What They Do

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dotHouse and structural movers move houses and buildings, boats, bridges and other structures.

dotMoving a structure is a three-stage process.

The first stage involves underpinning the building to detach the structure from the foundation. The second stage is to lift the building from the foundation. Finally, the last stage is to place some type of wheels or rollers under the structure.

dotStructural movers must also be able to estimate time and cost of the move. They have to anticipate possible problems and develop solutions to those problems. Self-employed building movers must also be skilled in all aspects of running a business.

House mover Murray Nickel says that workers in the moving industry can advance through five levels. "The lower end is comprised of laborers or truck drivers. If they are capable, they can advance to lead hand, then to foreman, supervisor and finally management."

At a Glance

Move a building to a new location

  • Most movers are self-employed contractors
  • The job outlook depends on the housing market
  • Training is generally done on the job