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dotA render wrangler is a new position within the computer graphics industry. Described as "the keeper of the render," a render wrangler is the last person who sees the animation before its final output to film and video.

Rendering adds texture and depth to the original wireframe animation. It makes the animation recognizable, like in the movies Antz and Finding Nemo.

dotAnimation can be found just about anywhere -- from computer games to commercials to the big screen. A render wrangler is the person that ensures the animation is rendered properly. They could be described as a quality control person.

dotRender wranglers must also be able to solve technical problems quickly and efficiently. They need to understand network maintenance. They have to be familiar with advanced animation software and programming. They must be able to untangle UNIX directory structures and debug files.

dotThe computer graphics industry is booming. There is a demand for people with both technical and creative skills. However, only large animation companies tend to hire render wranglers. Smaller companies usually include a render wrangler's duties with an animator's role.

Todd Peterson is an animator. He owns a small render farm and does this work himself. However, he says he can see there being a growing demand for this position in the larger animation companies.

For example, when Toy Story 2 was created, Peterson says there were 1,400 processors rendering the images. It took between 30 minutes and three days per frame to do this. In this case, a render wrangler would be required.

Kandrix Foong is president of an entertainment company. Foong agrees that a render wrangler will always be a large company position.

dotHowever, render wranglers have transferable technical skills. That means they will be able to move into an area where there is a demand for their skills. That's especially true if the render wrangler has a degree in computer science.

"There's a huge demand for technical people," says Foong. "Especially in the United States."

dotThe average workday varies. It depends on where a render wrangler works. They usually work for larger animation companies. That means the positions are full time and involve either day or evening shifts. In companies that have large render farms, shifts may go right around the clock.

Travel is generally not required. But positions may be available worldwide. Overtime is not usually required, except maybe when a deadline is close.

dotRender wranglers generally spend most of their day in front of a computer. Little physical activity is required. This work may be well suited to those with physical disabilities.

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Make sure the animation looks right

  • Demand for these professionals will likely grow as the animation industry expands
  • Render wranglers usually work for large animation companies
  • Take art and computer science courses