Water Well Service Technician  What They Do

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dotWater well service technicians use high-tech equipment and mechanical know-how to analyze and repair problems in the wells that bring us water. They also keep safe water flowing from our taps.

dotWhile much of their work is done in laboratories, technicians spend a good deal of time outdoors, where work conditions vary with the weather and season. Most water wells are deep holes dug into the ground and rock. Much of the technician's work involves fixing things in places they can't see.

dotA well technician with a private company usually installs and repairs wells. Installation requires large, heavy and expensive drilling equipment, and some well companies employ experts in blasting when the ground being drilled is made up of rock.

The staff of a private water well company may also include chemists, engineers, laboratory technicians, mechanics, helpers, supervisors and a superintendent.

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Keep the water flowing

  • The work is focusing on environmental protection issues
  • Most work for small drilling companies, for public utilities or as contractors
  • Consider getting your drilling journeyperson's certification