Sample Objectives

Sample Objectives

Using an employment objective lets the hiring manager know what to expect from the rest of your resume. It's important to use strong language and be as specific as possible.

Good Examples

Here are some examples of good objectives, courtesy of Isaacs:

Example 1: Student seeking employment, without a specific career goal in mind

Objective: Seeking part-time summer employment

Example 2: Student with a specific position in mind:

Objective: Student seeking part-time service job in fast-food restaurant
Example 3: Objective stating career goal and industry target
Objective: Seeking an apprenticeship in the carpentry field
Example 4: Objective used as part of a qualifications summary
Objective: Upcoming communications graduate of ABC College seeking to leverage proven classroom skills in creative campaign concepts, placement/distribution strategies, and target marketing in a communications internship

Miller's examples of well-written objectives use strong language:

Objective: Lead computer programmer with supervisory experience seeking challenging position within start-up enterprise


Employment Target: Assistant position in large retail outlet, which allows utilization of strong leadership and educational experience

Not-So-Good Examples

"The worst objectives are full of cliches, focus on the job seeker's needs and don't specify a specific career goal," says Isaacs.

Here are a couple examples that miss the mark.

Objective: Seeking a challenging position with opportunity for growth and advancement


Objective: A position with a forward-thinking company that values employee teamwork and accountability

So as you are developing that targeted resume and cover letter, don't forget to include a clear, concise and well-written employment objective.


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