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September 17, 2018

Dear Faith: I want to improve my grades this year, but already I'm struggling in two classes. How can I keep up?

Faith says: I applaud you for wanting to improve your grades. Perhaps you are not using the right study techniques, or you may simply need to improve how you organize your study time. I recommend that you read some of the articles in Succeeding in High School. You can find information and tips about developing good study skills, organizing information, writing research papers and more.

Everyone has a preferred way to learn and retain information. Some people can organize information in their head and recall it easily; some like to take notes and refer to them often. It's possible to have a mix and use different styles and methods to learn new subjects.

Share your concerns with your parents and school counselor. They can help you create a plan to improve your grades, perhaps by setting up tutoring sessions or other group-study activities.

Don't give up! Your efforts will produce improved grades.