Student Life

How can I find out about the size of a college?

Use the College Matching Assistant to locate schools based on size or other criteria. You can also Explore Schools to find student numbers or student-to-instructor ratios at different colleges.

What are campus policies on alcohol and tobacco?

Rules vary, depending on the college and state. Check with the college you plan to attend for its campus policies.

What are my housing options?

Many colleges provide on-campus housing or offer student housing nearby. Applications for housing are separate from the college's admissions process. So be sure to contact your college's housing office for details.

What should I bring when I move into residence?

Check with your college's housing office. What you need to bring will depend on such things as your room, weather conditions, available activities and electrical restrictions, among others.

What employment opportunities are available on campus or in the area?

Job opportunities may vary depending on the size of the campus and surrounding community. Contact your college for more information.

Where can I get campus crime statistics?

Every college is required to keep statistics on campus crime. Contact your college.


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