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Christian Counselor

What They Do

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Just like other professional counselors, Christian counselors (also sometimes called Christian therapists) speak with and comfort clients, address problems and give suggestions on how people can better cope with tragedies and trying situations.

However, Christian counselors also use the Christian teachings and belief system to help guide and assist these people.

Christianity is a broad faith. It requires its followers to believe in the powers of Jesus Christ.

Christian counselors address and incorporate spirituality in their therapy sessions.

During their work, Christian counselors interview clients, prepare case histories and assess problems. They then assist clients in developing goals for how they could improve their own lives.

Christian counselors can work in many different environments. Some of these include government social service ministries, the church or private practice. Members of the clergy also provide some counseling to church members.

A Christian counselor may have to work evenings or weekends in order to accommodate clients. "I have a private practice, so I can set my own hours," says Nancy Thompson, a Christian counselor in Washington.

Counseling doesn't require much physical activity. "I need to write and type, but it is something a physically challenged person could do," says Thompson.

At a Glance

Explore the therapeutic use of spirituality

  • Counselors can work in government social service ministries, the church or private practice
  • Evening and weekend work is sometimes required
  • Get a master's degree in a counseling-related discipline


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