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Every butler's job is different. But their duties often include handling their employer's personal affairs, organizing travel arrangements and large parties, managing the estate, and even keeping the wine bar stocked and the kitchen filled with favorite foods.

Sometimes, a butler even becomes their employer's best friend and confidante.

Butlers' duties vary considerably, due to the size and type of home their employers live in. Butlers are responsible for providing their employers with a high-quality lifestyle. They are often seen as personal assistants, with the added chore of overseeing domestic staff.

A butler may be required to help the employer with travel plans and travel with the employer when requested. A butler may also do some light cooking, run errands, organize functions, handle some paperwork and organize household repairs.

In short, a butler does whatever is required to keep a household running efficiently. They provide an extremely high level of personal service.

Butlers generally work in large households and are employed by the person, or family, in residence. They may be provided with living accommodation or they may be free to live off site.

Large hotels may also employ butlers. In those cases, they would offer special service to guests staying in VIP rooms. These butlers are often in charge of some hotel staff and may oversee certain rooms in the hotel.

At a Glance

Provide high-quality personal service

  • This work can involve long hours
  • A butler does whatever is required to keep a household running efficiently
  • Specialized training is available


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