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dotFeng shui, which literally means "wind, water," is the practice of arranging your environment (as much as possible) to allow the natural energy of the Earth to flow in a more positive way.

As a feng shui consultant, you visit residential or commercial clients, map out the energy rhythms that are natural for them, and make suggestions as to how that person (or group of people) would decorate, rearrange or build to optimize those rhythms.

dotFeng shui is divided into several disciplines -- Black Hat Sect, for example. The duties that you perform for clients depend in part on the discipline of feng shui which you adhere to.

dotFeng shui was largely unknown in the early '80s. However, it is growing in popularity now. Some areas have numerous feng shui consultants. Others have very few or none at all.

dotMost feng shui consultants will tell you that there is no typical day in their career. Janice Hunt is a feng shui consultant in Tampa, Florida. Hunt says that during the scope of one day, she might:

  • Check e-mail
  • Check directions to a client's location
  • Check snail mail
  • Mail out brochures in response to requests for information

"Sometimes I do public speaking on feng shui," adds Hunt. "I give lots of talks. And I also teach feng shui."

dotDon't expect the hours of a feng shui consultant to be easy. Depending on whether you work strictly with commercial clients or commercial and residential clients, you could be expected to be available early in the day or in the evening and on weekends.

During a consultation, a feng shui consultant will have to walk the premises of the client's home or business. This means that consultants must have a full range of movement. This career is also not suited to people who are blind.

At a Glance

Arrange environments to let the energy flow

  • There aren't many people trained in feng shui in the U.S.
  • You could work for residential or commercial clients
  • A bachelor's degree in interior design, art or architectural design would be helpful