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dotAn irrigation specialist is responsible for overseeing the planning, design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems. The irrigation system may be part of a landscaping project, such as a golf course. Or it may be part of an agricultural project, such as crop watering and resource management.

dotIrrigation specialists have many jobs. They work to provide the right amount of water resources in any given area. They design the systems that will pump and pipe water to where it is needed. And they spend time designing systems that will get the most results from the least amount of water. In this way, they are ensuring there will be enough water for everyone.

dotAn irrigation specialist is part mechanical engineer and part observer. The designing part of the job requires technical know-how. The observational part of the job requires paying attention to details that indicate whether the job was done correctly.

dotPart of an irrigation specialist's time is spent in the office, using a computer to design irrigation systems and communicate with clients. The remaining time is spent in the field either installing or overseeing the installation of irrigation systems.

dotThe average workday for an irrigation specialist is eight hours, with some work occurring in an office environment and some occurring in the field. Irrigation specialists must work well with clients, with other professionals in their field and with people involved in construction.

Physically, a person who wanted to become an irrigation specialist should be fully mobile. However, there are opportunities for those with disabilities if they would like to work strictly on the design end.

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Get water to people and projects that need it

  • You could design systems for landscaping projects, such as a golf course
  • An irrigation specialist is part mechanical engineer and part observer
  • Studying landscaping, agriculture or engineering is good