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Banking Customer Service Manager

What They Do

Insider Info

Banking customer service managers work behind the scenes in banks, credit unions and trust companies. They make sure customers are happy, employees are working well and operations are running smoothly.

"You need to be very detail-[oriented] and you have to be very outgoing," says Laura Bagheri, a customer service manager. "You have to nurture people."

Managers also have operational and auditing duties. Having sales experience is also helpful. That's because banks are selling more products than ever before.

These managers have a variety of duties, including:

  • Supervising customer service representatives or bank tellers
  • Training, assessing and evaluating staff on a regular basis
  • Making sure the automatic teller machines are operating properly
  • Personally handling customer complaints and concerns

These managers conduct performance appraisals of their staff and make recommendations for bonuses and salary increases.

"The most important skills a good CSM needs are people skills and leadership ability," says Doug Nikiforuk, a customer service and operations manager.

"You have to be a good communicator and a real people person. And you have to understand that being a leader means being fair -- but it's not a popularity contest."

Banking experience is essential, says Bagheri. Her bank recruits people for banking careers by hiring them as tellers first.

What kind of skills do employers look for?

"We're looking for someone who's capable of supervising, is friendly and outgoing, and is eager to work in a sales and customer service business," says Nikiforuk.

As with many management positions, customer service managers are more likely to find jobs in urban centers, in large financial institutions.

There are also opportunities to transfer to different branches in different cities within a company. In fact, they must consider the option of being transferred, and should be willing to consider moving if they want to succeed.

Customer service managers spend their days in clean, well-lit office settings.They supervise, train and manage other employees, and deal with customers. They typically work 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday. Banks that offer extended hours will require managers to work weekend and evening hours.

As these managers deal with the public, they must maintain a professional appearance and may be required to stand for long periods of time.

At a Glance

Work with customers at a financial institution

  • You need experience working with the public
  • You'll supervise, train and manage employees
  • A business education is helpful


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