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Ski Resort Manager

What They Do

Insider Info

Ski resort managers look after the operations of winter recreation hills. They make sure that the ski season is as fun and successful as possible. Their duties include looking after employees and making sure equipment and ski runs are safe. Plus, they monitor the growth of the hill, manage finances and oversee the marketing and promotion of the ski area.

The job duties for a ski resort manager can vary greatly, depending on the type of work required and the size of the hill. "We have graduates in all facets of the business -- in marketing, sales and operations," says Aaron Liswood. He is the director of ski business and resort management at Sierra Nevada College.

Ski resort managers work for both large and small ski areas. These hills can be privately owned or part of a park system. Managers are generally hired by upper management or by the owner of the ski hill.

Resort managers can usually work regular office hours. But they are often required to be available on weekends when the hill is open. They are generally in attendance for special promotional events as well.

Most ski resort managers love to hit the slopes themselves. However, depending on the work, physical requirements can vary. Some may work in an office setting. Others are out on the hill helping with staff and promotional events. "Most people find that they ski a lot more before they start this work than after," says Liswood.

At a Glance

Make sure skiers have an enjoyable and safe time

  • Job duties include looking after employees and making sure equipment and ski runs are safe
  • You could work in an office or out on the hill
  • Ski resort managers often have a business education and a background in the ski industry


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