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Architectural Engineer  Real Life Activities

Real-Life Math

Math is a big part of being an architectural engineer. The math you use could be something simple like figuring out the area of a building's floor or how many lengths of pipe will fit into a certain space. Or it might be something more complex, like figuring out how many years it will take a floor to collapse if is rotting at an erratic pace (ideally, you'd just replace it, of course!).

You're an architectural engineer. You're working on a condo development in an environmentally sensitive area. It's important to plan the construction to minimize the effects of soil erosion, which can make the building process difficult.

To minimize erosion, you know that it's best to clear a small area of the development at a time. The condo building site is 300 acres and you want to get the whole project done in a year.

You decide to work on the same amount of area size every month to minimize the impact of soil erosion.

What is the size of the area you'd want to clear and construct in a month?